2000 Mules Movie Review

Date: 5/24/22

Name of Podcast: Our Republic Matters

Episode Title and Number:  2000 Mules Movie Review/5

Brief Summary:  In this episode we cover breaking news but the bulk of what we discuss is the 2000 Mules Movie. The 2000 Mules Movie is a film by Dinesh D'Sousa that focuses on ballot harvesting utilizing the latest in GEO tracking technology. We will discuss some of the media reviews of 2000 Mules both negative and positive one.  You will get to see the extended trailer and will also have interviews with Danelle D'Sousa, Greg Phillips, Kari Lake, Tom Graves, and none other than Dinesh D'Sousa himself.  Dinesh will be debunking some of the fact checkers.

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers

  1. Introduction 0:00:00
  2. Dinesh D'Sousa Tweet 0:20:10
  3. 2000 Mules Trailer 0:21:05
  4. Danelle D'Sousa Interview 0:23:59
  5. Kari Lake Interview 0:26:10
  6. 2000 Mules Media Coverage 0:28:01
  7. Emerald Robinson with Greg Phillips (True The Vote) 0:29:46
  8. Dinesh D'Sousa on Fact Checking the Media 0:35:28
  9. OAN Interview with Tom Graves Geo Tracking Fact Check 0:41:42
  10. Dinesh D'Sousa Fact Check "How do we know these are Biden votes? 0:45:39

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