Human Trafficking Information

Date: 7/4/22

Name of Podcast: Our Republic Matter

Episode Title and Number:  Human Trafficking Information/7

Brief Summary:  In this episode we discuss some political news, food plant destruction, and election fraud but our main focus is on Human Trafficking Information. 

We discuss many about arrest of human traffickers and as well as people being arrested for sexual related crimes. We also have some great videos to share for you.

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers

  1. Introduction to Human Trafficking 0:32:12
  2. Beau Biden Foundation 0:32:37
  3. Gateway Pundit:  Biden creeps on little girls and Google worker fired for blowing whistle on spiritual organization within company 0:32:52
  4. GTSC Home Land Security Today: 300 Arrested in global crackdown on human trafficking groups 0:34:54
  5. 75 Arrested after Super Bowl Sting: 0:35:30
  6. Video teen girl trafficked from Mavericks game found 10 days later 0:36:01
  7. Video Migrants found dead 0:39:07
  8. Video that talks about how human traffickers are using women to lure victims 0:41:22
  9. Video best kept secret trailer by Sean Stone: 0:43:22
  10. Video Sound of Freedom trailer 0:46:54
  11. Video Anneke Lucas: I was a sex slave to Europe’s Elite at Age 6 0:49:13
  12. Video Disney employees among 108 arrested in Florida human trafficking sting 0:50:59
  13. AP migrant deaths: 0:55:19
  14. Resist Mainstream and GP Pundit: 0:53:58
  15. Resist Mainstream and Fox 35 Orlando 0:55:41
  16. DPS arrest 35 in joint human trafficking operation/Fox News 8 arrested in Tennessee human trafficking sting 0:56:03
  17. 21 arrested in Utah sex trafficking operation/12 Arrested in Fairfield county 0:56:51
  18. Map of Human Trafficking across US 0:57:20
  19. Gateway Pundit: Child trafficking camp discovered in Arizona 0:58:02
  20. Washington Standard: The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti, Amber Alerts & Human Trafficking 0:58:34
  21. People/Resist The Mainstream: Former Cheerleader Coach arrested on child molestation charges/teacher bragged about sex with 13 year old boy 0:59:17
  22. MelK Resources on how to save the children 0:59:50

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