Hunter Biden's Laptop Scandal

Date: 4/10/22

Podcast Name: Our Republic Matters

Episode Title and Number:  Hunter Biden's Laptop Scandal/2

Brief Summary

In our 2nd podcast, we discuss the Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal and how the MSM pass the narrative that it was a conspiracy theory and nothing more to see here.  We now know that this narrative is a lie and there is a lot more to this laptop than most people realize.  This Hunter's laptop has ties to Ukraine, drugs, sex, and the 2020 election.

There have not been many stories that have been as consequential as this one in the history of our great Republic.  Just think about it.  When this story first came out in a New York Post article by Miranda Devine,  an immediate response from the mainstream media and Big Tech was to discredit it. The New York Post, the second oldest paper in the country, founded in 1801 by Alexander Hamilton, had their twitter account suspended.  Other social media giants canceled people that were posting about the laptop.   You'll see some of the mainstream media's reporting  in a video later in the show.  And then a letter came out from 51 ex-intelligence officers declaring that the laptop conspiracy theory was Russian disinformation.  By the way, did you know that the CIA came up with the term "conspiracy theory".  This narrative was then spread.   In a presidential debate, Biden repeated it.  The Russia-Russia-Russia story was the actual conspiracy theory. 

Since about 20% of the people who voted for Biden said they wouldn't have if they had known about Hunter's laptop, we have an illegitimate president and a country, as President Trump would say it, going to hell.

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers

  1. Introduction 0:03:46
  2. Mainstream Media- Laptop Russian Misinformation 0:06:10
  3. When the smoke clears 0:08:11
  4. Spies like us 0:08:38
  5. Fox News Hunter Biden Scandal 0:09:11
  6. Entities controlled by Hunter Biden 0:12:14
  7. Change in narrative 0:13:01
  8. Joe Rogan 0:17:50
  9. Miranda Divine 0:21:03
  10. Tony Bobulinski 0:27:00
  11. Fox News Biden Scandal 0:35:11
  12. DOD encryption 0:38:30
  13. Ann Vandersteel interview with Jack Maxey 0:40:49
  14. Darrell Issa 0:45:22

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