US Food Shortages in 2022

Date: 6/21/22

Name of Podcast: Our Republic Matters

Episode Title and Number:  US Food Shortages in 2022/6

Brief Summary:  In this episode we discuss the political news and Biden inflation but our main focus is on US Food Shortages for 2022 and some of the main causes such the mysterious food plant fires across the US.

Bullet points of key topics + chapter markers

  1. Introduction to Food Shortages 0:38:26
  2. Breitbart: Food Shortages Could Be Just As Deadly as Diseases 0:38:38
  3. Fox Business: Baby Formula Shortage Abbott to Import Baby Formula from Spain 0:41:04
  4. The Guardian/Zero Hedge: Baby Formula Shortage 0:41:00
  5. Homemade Baby Formula: 0:43:28
  6. Marine Traffic: 0:44:16
  7. Red Voicemedia/Fox News: Food Plant Fires 0:46:08
  8. More News Articles: 0:46:04
  9. House of David: 25 Mysterious Food Plant Fires 0:47:16
  10. Restore Republic: 16 Food Plant Fires 0:47:54
  11. Zero Hedge: 97 Food Related Disasters 0:48:14
  12. Epoch Times/Citizen Free Press: Largest Pork Packer Closes in CA/10K Cattle Dies in Kansas 0:49:16

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